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The Color Red

MAMA WORE: Dress by Grace Sun/Bag is from Paris/Shoes by Chanel

I’ve never been a red dress girl. At least not since I was traumatized at the Sadie Hawkins dance in High School. With a college boy as my date, I decided to rock it in a hot red crush velvet (very pre-alexander wang) dress. To make a long story short, we pre-partied in the parking lot, got busted by a campus cop named Officer Divine and never even made it to the dance. To this day, I regret my choice to chug black cherry wine coolers over going to the dance and showing off my red dress.

A decade later, I am digging the fiery red dress again. There’s just something so sultry and sexy about red. It’s the only color which literally screams “look at me”! So regardless of whether you too have a traumatizing red dress story, or hated the Chris DeBurgh ballad, I say go ahead, take out that dress and paint the town RED!

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