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Mama Wore: Yucatán, Mexico

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Mama Wore: Winter Layers

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Mama Travels: Stonehenge, UK

Over the holidays, I visited London. This trip would mark the 3rd time I’d been in London, so I decided to do some research and go beyond the city itself. I love google! I don’t do organized group tours, but I was inspired by a day tour I found to Stonehenge. I decided to arrange a personal tour with my boyfriend who is able to drive the London way – on the other side of the road and with the steering wheel on the other side of the car. He grew up in Spain but he attended university in London for a year and he swore that he could handle the drive, although I had my doubts!

Stonehenge is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from the city. I was bit nervous about the drive and kept fake-breaking with my feet! But he ended up doing great – I only had 2 minor heart attacks in 4 hours of driving, not bad.

I had purchased the entrance ticket ahead of time online so I was prepared. We were early but the nice gatekeepers at Stonehenge let us in. After a little bus ride provided by the park, we arrived at Stonehenge. The site has this weight… this wow factor, a heavy presence. It is massive and you can tell right away that in the past, there were religious rituals performed there. Each rock weights between 3-4 tons and historians are still astonished at how people at that time placed the heavy rocks in a circular formation.

We learned that Stonehenge was built about 5000 years ago by cavemen, making Stonehenge the oldest structure in the world. During that time, they were following the moon and sun, burying people nearby, and performing the most creepy rituals of sacrificing women and children.

I visited Stonehenge on the last day of 2016. It felt good to go all the way back in history before moving forward, toward the new year. Happy New Year everybody.

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Mama Wore: New York Uniform

There is no way to link to my brand Ivory Row sweaters, so here is the link.

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Mama Travels: London

The first time I visited London was during my college years. I remember the cold and how hungry I was. London was so expensive and the food was kind of horrible at that time. I recall making my way to Scotland and where I feasted on all you can eat Chinese buffet like it was Christmas.
The second time I visited London was 5 years ago on a 36 hour stop over en route to Paris. London is so different in the summer. I guess very similar to New York. I did champagne on the London Eye and biked everywhere.

The third time was a couple of weeks ago. I went from Dec 28 – Jan 3 and spent NYE in London. Despite the weather forecast of London being in the 40’s and 50’s, it felt cold with the London mist. I walked everywhere, visited Winter Wonderland, took the iconic red double decker bus, and even drove (or was driven) to Stonehenge.
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