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Mama Travels: Segovia

A Spaniard once told me that Segovia is loosely translated as a “woman’s groing” or “the area between her legs.” Needless to say, I was excited to check out what this is all about. Segovia is a sexy city about 1.5 hours from Madrid. Upon entering the city, I immediately saw what he was talking about. As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by the legendary Puente de Piedra, a breath-taking arched bridge built in the 12th century. This arch was as smooth as a woman’s tan legs and the opening revealing this ancient city was as grand as a women’s world.

Oh man, this city is romantic. I walked the cobble stone streets enjoying every aspect of my walk. Even gaggle of Korean tourists didn’t kill the mood! Feeling exploratory, I walked to the top where the fairy tale basilica was perched on the top of the hill. And it just got better.  The sun was setting and everything turned a beautiful golden color.

But the grand finale of Segovia was eating Conchinillo.

Conchinillo is baby suckling pig (served whole!) and this town is famous for it. I entered the restaurant Jose Maria, a famous restaurant for this dish. The bar counter looked like science class. Pig parts were everywhere. It was packed with locals, which is always a great sign.  I ordered fried pork fat, washed down with local red wine, and sat down to order the baby suckling pig.

Serving the pig was a big show. The waiters brought out the roasted baby pig with its four legs split apart like some sort of porcine gymnast. To demonstrate how incredibly tender the meat was, they took a regular plate and used it to carve the pig. No knife required! The meat was served with potatoes. Meanwhile, the meat was as tasty and tender as it looked. Once I avoided looking at the head, I enjoyed a truly great meal.

I always enjoy doing something that’s not related to just touring the town and, for this, I usually turn to the locals. Well, as it turns out, all the locals could talk about was how the national lottery in Spain had reached $2 million euros. Sure, it’s a far cry from the $1.6 billion Powerball but I immediately darted to the local store to purchase a ticket. I dreamt of winning 2 million euros and buying a small house around here and eating as much as suckling pig as I can.

I didn’t win…but a girl can dream.

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