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Mama Travels: Lombok, Indonesia

I just heard a new term, Perennials! These are people no matter what generation they were born into, they have the Millenial mentality. Not the self-promoting and entitlement traits of the Millennials, but an emphasis on experiences over material goods. I realized that I have become a Perennial.

My friend Laura is also a Perennial. She decided to save up enough and quit her GOOD job in New York to travel around Southeast Asia for 3 months. She gave me a map of where she will be and asked me to meet her on her journey somewhere, and it ended up being Indonesia.

The trip also had a few others potential Perennials join me and Laura. Laura and her traveling companion, my BFF Betty who was finishing up a trip in Japan with her family, Emerald who lives in Shanghai, and Tinna who lives in Taipei… Bam! We got the Oceans 6 assembled in Indonesia just like that. They hadn’t all met prior to the trip, but I knew they would all bond.

Lombok felt different than Bali. Balinese people are the happiest people I have ever encountered. They are always smiling and seem content. Not the case in Lombok, where people are always looking for opportunities to make cash with the tourists which meant lots of bargaining and negotiating.

Our journey began with a 2 hour cramped car ride, after which we arrived at our hotel Quinsi in Sengigi. It’s a group of Balinese style villas but the magic is the sea. It faces an ocean full of surfers, with killer sunsets and the food was amazing.

Lombok is known for an amazing surf beach in the South and natural waterfalls in the North. We decided on checking out the waterfalls, so we headed to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfall. The ride was treacherous. The car tires had no traction and we felt every bump and turn. Most of us were green with motion sickness when we were finally dumped into the parking lot at our destination. We were told by our car driver to give money to a guide. Later we realized this was a deal the driver ran with locals to walk next to us and make few bucks. Waterfalls are easy and you don’t need the guide. The entrance fee was a fraction of what we paid him. Again, this is how Lombok was different than Bali.

We hiked in our flip flops, trying to avoid turning out our ankles, sweat dripping down our backs like the waterfalls we were visiting, and ended up getting soaked from the great waterfall mists. Betty had a Cinderella moment of losing her flip flop but it was soon retrieved by 7-year-old local boy. He also gave me a hand while I was crossing the strong current. I focused on not falling and crushing him like a giant as I took his tiny hand.

At the end of the day, it was suggested to us to take a dark tunnel to cut the return journey by half. This ended up being the highlight of our waterfall expedition. We walked through a pitch black tunnel, surrounded by local kids as they tested their English, and hustled to make a quick buck by telling you spots to watch out for. It definitively wasn’t a 10 minute walk as they promised but more like 25 minutes.

After repeating the treacherous ride back to the hotel, we were so happy to be back at the chill spot watching the sunset and drinking our happy hour mojitos. I even managed to get surfing in for an hour as the sun was setting.

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” — Albert Schweitzer

I truly felt that quote as I shared the beautiful sunset with my gals sipping cocktails watching the silhouettes of surfers go up and down the waves.

I wish I had more time in Lombok to explore the beaches in the South. Apparently, there is a pink beach that’s only pink in the morning and night. I would imagine it’s due to the sand picking up reflections from the sun. Alas, it will have to wait until next time..

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