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Mama Travels: Iceland, Day 3

In Iceland, you are in the hands of nature. Due to the rain, our ice cave tour was cancelled. I was super bummed and annoyed at nature. But better to be safe than sorry, right? The concierge told me there was plenty of other stuff to do and gave me some alternative places to visit.

Well, first on our agenda was to see some of the glaciers that surrounded us. I once traveled to Banff, Canada and saw glaciers. It was majestic but it can only be seen from far away. Not the glaciers in Iceland! The glaciers were in very close proximity. I always imagined walking in miles with spiky shoes tied to somebody to reach the ice wall, but it was about a 3 minute walk from where you park the car. Like giant blue and white glaciers within arm’s reach close .

Glacier Beach was incredible. We parked a mile before Glacier Beach and enjoyed the glaciers without anybody else around. My crazy boyfriend stripped down to his underwear and walked into the ice cold water. Luckily he didn’t dip below the knees because we didn’t have any towels! After admiring this nature’s ice sculpture park, we headed to the other side, Diamond Beach.

Diamond Beach was a black beach with clear ice stones all around. I felt like I was diamond shopping, except I was the size of an ant. After spotting some whales in the water, we made our way back to the Vik area.

Our next destination was Sólheimasandur. Sólheimasandur is a black beach with old DC aircraft wreckage. It was a US Navy plane that crashed. No one died but the wreckage was just left on the beach and became a tourist attraction. By the time we started to walk to Sólheimasandur it was 5pm and sunset was at 6pm. We thought we would have plenty of time to walk there and back in an hour, but we were wrong. I should have known by the look of people who were walking back. It was 8km, which is a 5-mile walk. And to make matters worse, the drizzle had turned into full out pouring rain with sideways winds. I felt like I was in the dessert, I kept walking and walking and the parking lot just didn’t seem to be any closer than 10 minutes before.

I still wonder if this site was worth the walk. It was way too much work to see some plane wreckage. If there had been Northern Lights included, that would be a different story. We headed back to the hotel to hang everything that we were wearing to dry. Mycoat weighed literally 20 pounds. We passed out with the heat blasting.

The next morning, we had a quick tour of Reykavik and then headed to the airport. I will have to come back to do the ice cave hiking and see the Northern Lights. I also want to bring my son. I think he would have a great time, especially watching the geysers explode around him.

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