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Mama Travels: Iceland Day 2

I woke up inside the bubble hearing birds chirping. After an unimpressive  breakfast that cost way too much for what it was, we packed up our stuff and got dropped off in Reykjavik. We were starting our own tour of Iceland and I was feeling so much better than the day before. It must have been the stomach flu.

After an hour drive through the fog, rain, and sunshine, we arrived at the massive Skógafoss Waterfall.  We waterproofed everything,  then headed for the waterfall. Ok, I love photography – but man, what is up with drones? There were so many people with drones, it was super annoying. There were like a zillion waterfalls after Skogafoss, after awhile I wasn’t  phased by the waterfalls.

We decided to be spontaneous, so we turned into a street and ended up at Dyerholey. My boyfriend recognized that this was the beach people recommend to surf. Luckily, nobody was in the water. He is a crazy surfer and I am sure if there were some surfers he would have found a way to get in there. He doesn’t feel the cold when there are good waves. I personally like my waves WARM.  

A short drive from the Dyerholey is the Black Beach. What a stunning place! I felt like John Snow would show up galloping on his horse. Iceland was founded by the Vikings. They stole women and animals from England, then started the country. All the animals were brought here. Thus, it’s one open road. I didn’t see a single road kill. And there were no trees. It’s very green with moss, but no trees. I saw a house surrounded by pines and thought that the owner must be super rich to have bought all those tall pines.

After all that, we had a long drive to the Jorkusarlon Glaciers. The moment the sun went down, it started to pour.  Driving on narrow roads and negotiating who had the right-of-way on one-lane bridges was beyond adventure. We were so glad to find our shelter for the night. I passed out after a long, long hot shower. Glaciers are next for day 3! 

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