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Mama Travels: Bilbao(Tree House), Spain

The more I travel, the more I feel the need to fuel the adventure junkie I have become. Recently I got lucky and was able to fulfill my childhood dream of sleeping in a treehouse, albeit one that is decidedly more upscale then I could have imagined as a child!

So here’s the story. I was rushing to get to this treehouse, called Cabanas Arboles in Bilbao, all packed and ready to go, when I flew down the stairs. Literally. I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs and hit my tailbone so hard I thought it had shattered to pieces. I laid flat with my face down for a while praying to God to just have me walk. After icing it for 20 min I realized my butt was intact, but in a world of pain.  So I did what any smart woman would do, I googled and found the nearest highly rated Chiropractor. Let me remind you that I was in France (near the Spanish border) when this happened. Despite the potential margin for error, I found a nice English speaking Chiropractor nearby.


After cracking and adjusting my coccyx I felt good enough to get on the 1.5 hour car ride to get to my childhood dream. There are only 4 treehouses total in this vicinity near Bilbao and it’s fully booked most of time. You can understand my urgency to suck up the pain and not cancel the treehouse visit! These treehouses were perched 50 feet above the ground and built completely from wood and other sustainable materials. Inside, the treehouses were heavenly and decorated with a fire place, candles, a cozy chair with a fur throw, books, and a comfy king sized bed. But what really stole the show for me was the view.  From the top of the trees, the view stretched out to what seemed like an infinite forest, which created a sense of utter serenity. I have never experienced any place like this.


Because of my limited mobility, I had packed water and dinner for the evening.  I also did it because I wanted to spend as much time as possible inside the tree house. I assure you once you enter you don’t want to leave. It’s super cozy and romantic. It was told by the staff it was mating season… for the deer (ha!) but due to rain I didn’t see any. But I did hear some animal noises in the middle of night.


My favorite part was the breakfast. The charming staff brought a basket around 9am for guests to pulley up from above. I swooned when the coffee arrived in a thermal bottle. And now I can finally say  – childhood treehouse dream… Check! I tell you I am living my dreams.


Find these awesome tree houses at Cabanas Arboles

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