Mama Travels: Dia Beacon/Storm King

April 7, 2015

For Manhattanites like me, it can be a challenge to get outside of the city. I’ve been wanting to go to the Dia in Beacon, New York and Storm King Art Center for 2 years now and I seemed to always miss the chance when the weather is nice. So this year, I was not going to miss my chance and I decided to on opening week.

The weather was a little brisk but it was the perfect museum day. Dia Beacon was the first stop. The space is amazing. I love the juxtaposition between the old and the modern. My senses for the lines and materials were heightened here. It’s just so beautifully minimalist I want to go home and throw away all my furniture.

The Storm King Art Center was a bit overwhelming. It’s 500 acres of sculptural park! I decided to rent a bike to cover the most ground and to get around quickly. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. I love exploring a new place on a bike. These sculptures were massive and there was a lot of ground to cover. My favorite one was the Three Legged Buddha by Zhang Huan and Suspended, by Menashe Kadishman. I wonder what it will be like to buy hundreds of dollars worth of copper to work with and to build something this massive.

I love the fact that about 1 hour away from Manhattan, there is this inspiring space for people to roam around. I want to come back when it gets a little warmer to have a picnic or when it snows!

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Mama Travels: Paris in March

March 25, 2015

I made a quick stop in Paris on my way back from Spain. It was during Paris Fashion Week, the marathon, and the weather was beautiful; thus, the city was busting out with people everywhere.

I do my usual check list for Paris which includes: the walk through Jardin Tuileries, Louvre, Palais Royal, Chupadero to see the Eiffel tower, visit Pablo who I met a couple of years ago during a trip to Paris, a visit to Collette, and shopping in the Marais.

I also checked out the Picasso museum that I have been waiting 9 years to see. The renovation isn’t finished but it finally opened!

Of course eating good food is the must thing to do in Paris. Paris has the best food and my list is always changing with new and old favorites. This time, I didn’t have time to try the old but I added new favorites, Roseval and Le Verre . The food was divine and the wine pairing enhances your taste buds to the maximum.

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Mama Travels: Fuerteventura, Spain

March 14, 2015

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa but politically Spanish. Fuerteventura is only a 2 ½ hour plane ride from Madrid, making it the perfect vacation spot for Spaniards but a long journey for a New Yorker like me. From New York, it took 2 planes and 10 plus hours of flying to get to the Hawaii of Spain. Fuerteventura means “strong winds” in Spanish combined with the mild weather year round makes for the perfect surfer’s paradise. I can now proudly say that I’m not a complete novice anymore but an advanced beginner. I’ve definitely got the surfing bug and I will squeeze- in any and all possibilities to chase some waves.

Equipped with my new 2/3mm wet suit and booties, I arrived at the island. The island is made of volcanic rocks and dunes. This island is a paradise for the surfers thus lots of beaches to surf check in the morning. You can also ride a boat to a nearby island like Lanzarote for more serious waves. I give you fair warning that as a foreigner you aren’t welcome by the locals who have been surfing these perfect sets for a decade. As I mentioned previously, for a beginner like me who’s chasing baby waves I had no problems on any of the beaches. The island has an abundance of surf schools and they all cater to surfers of different levels. I took a private lesson and surfed in Playa de Majanicho most of time during the low tides when the waves were manageable. I got used to fighting with other surfers to ride a wave and I drank so much seawater that my friend joked the ocean became low tide when I went in.

The Island is rustic and huge. You can go miles without seeing any humans and I encountered many wild goats. Everywhere I looked, it resembled a Jeep commercial. I let go of my city girl routines pretty quickly. The make-up stayed in the ziploc bag, my mani and pedi scraped off and was replaced by dirt, and underwear was replaced by bikinis. I no longer cared about brushing my hair and I got sun burned from being outside without sun screen. It took me a good 48 hours to become nature girl but when I did, it was refreshing.

In this natural island, I saw so many men changing in and out of wetsuits right in the middle of the road with their penis swinging; women urinated in the parking lot still holding onto her baby; and a guy at the nudist beach took a #2 right between the trees. Everybody was letting go in this island.

Fresh seafood is easy to find in the super market but if you are in-land you have to eat the goats. I felt bad eating them since I saw them the day before but I did enjoy my fried goat cheese and fried baby goats at the Casa Marcos with 2 glasses of house Pinot Grigio. I loved Casa Marcos so much I wanted to keep going back and eat everything on the menu.

After surfing one day, I headed to the dunes did what the Spanish called Croquette. Croquette means rolling down a hill sideways as fast as you can without puking.

I had a lot of fun on this adventurous island and I even dreamt of owning a food truck serving breakfast in the morning and Korean style tacos in the afternoon. You really don’t need much to be happy on this Canary Island. I was completely content watching surfers bobbing up and down until there was no more sunlight.


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