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July 23, 2016

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Mama + Son Travels: Molde, Norway

June 29, 2016

After spending a day and half in Oslo, we packed up our stuff with more traveling ahead. Our plan was to unite with my sister’s family at the Oslo airport and head to Molde together, the city in which my brother-in-law’s family resides.

We waited and waited and there was so sign of them. We decided to just board and figure out the next step when I spotted my brother-in-law Leif walk on board, panting and holding my baby nephew, Driggs in his arms. Leif and my sister Julie had been racing from the other side of the airport to make the flight. I realized my nephew was all swollen around the eyes, and proceeded to hear the nightmare story of him crying 7 hours out of a 10 hour flight. My sister had forgotten the baby’s milk bottles in their freezer at home in Los Angeles! Poor baby!

I ain’t going to lie, it’s not easy traveling with babies and toddlers! Please make a checklist of essentials to pack! I also advise packing an extra set of clothes for both your kid and yourself when you are traveling on long flights. My son has been always a great traveler, maybe because I did it so much with him starting very early on. I promise it gets better and is well worth it!

When our plane swung around to the landing position in Molde, the picturesque snowy mountains presented themselves, and the many fjords were revealed. I learned that fjords are indentations of the shore line created by glacier erosion. There are millions of fjords in Norway and you have to often times need to take a car ferry to connect from one area to another. I didn’t know what fjords were when I arrived so I kept asking my brother-in-law to take me to go see them.

Molde appears as a fairy tale in May. There were 22 hours of sunlight, the most yummy air ever, and fresh seafood abounds. I highly recommend eating salmon, sashimi style! City slickers like us got to hike, fish (no, we didn’t catch anything), dunk in the heated pools, drive through the most curvy and narrow roads, see many fjords… and hear stories about Norway’s legendary trolls.

There was snow on the top of the mountains but the ground was hot enough for shorts. We got lucky and it didn’t rain much. Below are some of my highlights

Ride the high speed boat in Geiranger
Enjoy the spa and heated pool in Geiranger
Drive through the crazy narrow and windy roads in Trollstigen
Hike – there are so many great trails. Do the research prior to hiking.
Go fishing
Drive through Atlanterhavsvegen, one of the curviest roads and close to the ocean highway
Take ferries and admire fjords

Trollstigen – one of the best rest stops I have ever seen in the world
7 sisters waterfall and bachelor waterfall in Geiranger

Scandic Seilet – go to roof to have drinks at sunset
Union Bad & Spa, Geiranger
Light house hotel room in Alesund

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