Favorite Travel Moments 2014

February 3, 2015

Over the years, my blog has morphed into more of travel blog than a fashion blog. The only thing that I want to buy these days are plane tickets and nothing brings me more pleasure than reviewing my travel photos. My very wise friend Miss Buttercup said that traveling is the only thing that makes you rich and humble at same time. It is so true. I feel so rich whenever I see my travel photos and I feel so grateful for these collected moments. The following are my favorite travel moments of 2014.

Paris, France
Paris is always a good idea. Paris with my BFF on my birthday was even a better idea. I just wish my birthday was in the summer but there is never a dull moment in Paris. I mean it’s Paris!
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berlinBerlin, Germany
I’ve always dreamt about going to Berlin to see the remainder of the Berlin wall. I never expected there to be so much art and architecture in one country. It’s super laid back and it’s the kind of place where the locals drink more beer than champagne. My favorite places in Berlin were the Holocaust Memorial and SOHO House.
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costaricaSanta Teresa, Costa Rica
I didn’t even know it was surfer’s heaven until I surfed other places. This place is home to howling monkeys, mango trees, and the greatest beach ever. I picked up surfing while I was there and I dream of going back to surf there again and again.
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Joshua’s Tree National Park, California
After an estrogen fueled weekend of first a bachelorette party and then a bridal shower for my baby sister, I drove to Joshua Tree from Los Angeles. I was definitively ready to switch it up for something gritty and Western. Read More

pasoroblesPaso Robles, CA
Hammersky Vineyard in Paso Robles is my personal favorite because I saw my younger sister get married to the love of her life. My 6 year old son walked her down the aisle and everything was just perfect.
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baliBali, Indonesia
What a magical place!! It’s a world away from New York but this place oozes love and spirituality. I love everything about Bali and it’s at the top of my travel moment in 2014 if not ever.
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kohsamui1Koh Samui, Thaialnd
I was reunited with six of my closest friends here. Our friendship is going strong even after 10 years.  I just loved watching the sun rise over the ocean with my lovely friends and counting our blessings.
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istanbulIstanbul, Turkey
I feel like broken record but this place was magical too. The Blue Mosque is out of this world and the culture is so rich you want to buy and bring home everything. I would go back in a heart beat.
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puertoricoRight before the school started, I was able to get in Puerto Rico with my son. What a way to extend the summer
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antelopeAntelope Canyon, Arizona
Words can’t really describe this place. Only the sounds can and it goes, “woos and ahhhhh”. Take a look at the photos. You can’t take a bad photo here! In every angle, you will find the beauty and you feel that there are higher powers out there.
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Cape Town, South Africa
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It has it all. The mountain, sea, vineyard, culture, and all of this was affordable! The biggest expense is the plane ticket since it’s so far from NYC, but once you are there everything is easy. Uber even has chopper service, not that I used it but I love to tell people about it.
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Mama Travels: Cape Town, South Africa

January 21, 2015

This New Year’s Eve, I had an amazing opportunity to explore Africa; more specifically, Cape Town, South Africa.  A friend of mine moved to Nigeria from New York and decided to organize a reunion trip to South Africa for all of us friends.  After a long journey of flying 20 some-what hours and nearly missing the connecting flight in London (thank you cheapo air!), I made it to Cape Town in one piece. It was one of the most rigorous journeys I’ve ever had to endure to get to a destination next to getting to Bali.

The minute I landed, I hit the ground running.  My friend Joanne informed me that there were dinner plans at the beach club, Bungalow. I immediately got into the shower, put a bikini and cover up on and headed out. I’m not one to relax so I just dove into another time zone and started to explore this amazing town.

I couldn’t help myself but to start snapping photos right away in the car.  The landscape was breathtaking and there was natural drama unfolding everywhere and in every corner we turned. There were mountains surrounding the beautiful architecture and hills.  I couldn’t help but smile. I was in a car with five other women who made their journey from all different parts of world. We truly live in a global world and nobody is jet setting any more. It’s just a normal day of being a global citizen.

9 days in Cape Town were filled with activities like seeing table top mountain from a cable car and helicopters, wine tasting at 2 wineries and tasting delicious locally produced wines, I went swimming in the ice cold water with the locals, saw penguins, played spades, hiked, paddle boarded, and danced the nights away while learning African style dance with new and old friends.

It wasn’t all party party either!  We had lengthy discussions about our new year resolutions and even politics!  We even discussed important current events like Ferguson during our vacation!

What a way to bring in 2015!!  Now I have friends in Australia, Zimbabwe, UK, Dallas, South Africa, and Nigeria.  I have a feeling that 2015 will be filled with visiting these global citizens! Let’s go 2015!

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