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August 25, 2016

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Mama Travels: Amalfi Coast, Italy

July 29, 2016

So, I had been flying for more than 24 hours – along the way experiencing the most bizarre boarding process that I will save to tell you another time – when the cab driver who was driving me from Naples to Sorrento asks me where I am from. I say proudly, “New York City” and his tan Italian face filled with excitement. He tells me he LOVES New York, New Jersey, and – wait for it – Atlantic City! I was in disbelief that this guy who gets to see the most amazing views of the Amalfi Coast on the daily, tells me this. I guess it’s human nature to not appreciate what you have, to think the grass is always greener. We humans can be ridiculous.

I yell out oos and ahhs as we drive past Mount Vesuvius, various lemon stands, and the jaw dropping views of the dramatic, rocky coast. It is one of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen in my life and I can’t help thinking about how Italians are blessed, despite what my cab driver might think.

I arrive in Sorrento to meet my friend Laura, who is there to attend a wedding, and we head to Positano. After the curvy drive we arrive in Positano and it is exactly how I picture it. The place is so damn romantic. It’s THE destination for the honeymooners and weddings thus we spot plenty of weddings and honeymooners. I love the irony of me and Laura on a girl’s trip and running into honeymooners left and right.

Laura is a planner so whenever I am with her she meticulously plans our activities. First night we did it up at Le Sirenuse, an iconic hotel and restaurant, perched in the middle of Positano.  We drank rose champagne and admired the view of the town and the Mediterranean Sea. A lady who came near us to take a photo of the view told us Only You featuring Robert Downing Jr. and Marisa Tomei was filmed at the hotel. I made a note to watch it when I got home.

The next day we decided to check out the towns of Amalfi and Ravello. Laura wanted to rent a scooter. I have never driven a scooter but Laura rode one in Costa Rica. We had to pass the test from Pepe. I waited for Laura to go around once with Pepe who was worried that New York drivers were the craziest. After 2 rounds of going around with Pepe, Laura passed the test and I jumped on the back of the scooter. We were flying up the hill to Ravello when the engine seemed to give out (scary!), but then Laura got the hang of it. I felt like we were straight out of some cliché Americans in Italy/ fish out of water holiday movie! Loved every minute of exploring this town from the back of scooter!

Ravello was a charming town. We explored the Chateau and enjoyed cups of espresso. Only thing about the scooter is that our afternoon was rose-free. I know I was just a passenger but I was morally supporting my girl. Also it’s not fun to drink alone!

After a day of adventure, we decided to spend a day chilling out at the beach. We ordered a bottle of rose, took a nap, and ate all available carbs around us. Best pizza, pasta, and gelato.

As long as the sun is out, you can’t take a bad photo on the Amalfi Coast. Every corner is a gem. When I landed in JFK there was an ad on a wall from and it said “Memories don’t create themselves.” It made me smile. We created amazing memories and moments to stash away until our next adventure.

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