Mama Travels: Zion National Park

December 15, 2014

Today was mostly consumed by travel. We started our drive to Zion National Park which was an hour away then we headed back to Las Vegas to catch our flight back to New York.

Zion means sanctuary and boy was it gorgeous.  The word magnificent comes to mind. It was cold but there were a lot of tourists trying to enjoy the park before the shuttle bus service stops for the season. We got off at the Big Bend stop and marveled at the rocks and the stream of water. I would love to come back here and stay inside of the park and hike. 4 days was not enough time to experience everything that I wanted to do in Utah and Zion’s time was definitely cut too short.

What an amazing and packed experience the past 4 days have been. We drove 900 plus miles in 4 days, crossed 4 states, and saw 3 marvelous canyons. It was one of the best thanksgivings ever and I felt so grateful and blessed to have had an opportunity to experience the nature, the food, but mostly friendship with Miss Buttercup. Sharing experiences and making memories really does make life so much better!

Maybe next year’s Thanksgiving will be at the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Anybody in?

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Mama Travels: Bryce Canyon, Utah

December 14, 2014

Day 3, woke up and it was freezing outside. After putting 3 layers on top, 2 layers on the bottom, Miss Buttercup and I headed to Bryce Canyon to work off the turkey dinner. The drive was about 2 hours from the Red Mountain Resort. We picked a 3 mile hike that started from Sunset point through the Queen’s Garden and ending back on the Sunset trail at the top of the mountain.

After we parked the car, we looked over at the canyon and our jaws dropped at the spectacular view of Bryce Canyon.  This was a different flavor of Canyon than Antelope Canyon that we experienced the day before. Bryce Canyon is iconic for its hoodoos, formed over eons by the powerful forces of erosion. To translate, it feels like the set of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. We marveled at every corner of the 3 mile hike, taking a zillion photos, and worked up a good appetite for some BBQ.

After hiking and doing rugged activities, we treated ourselves with a pedicure, manicure, and massage. I have to say, I love experiencing the canyons and the hikes, but the best thing about the road trips are the conversations that happen in the car. We caught up on our lives and pretty much cover every topic you can think of.

On a side note, if you get sleepy or a little bored from the drive, a good sex talk will wake anybody up and make them forget about the long drive ahead.

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Mama Travels: Utah Day 1+2

December 3, 2014

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Day 1
Sometimes waiting to book a getaway last minute pays off. I found an airplane ticket to Las Vegas for $287 and an amazing holiday special at the Red Mountain Resort in Utah. I decided to go away this thanksgiving.

My fellow traveler Laura aka Missbuttercup and I packed our hiking boots and headed to the national parks. We landed in Vegas and drove 2 hours to the Red Mountain Resort. We were giddy like teenage girls in a mustang convertible singing all the way to Utah.

The drive was amazing. The road was straight and wide for awhile then you end up in a land of mountains with massive canyons. This place is overwhelming in its magnitude. The word “majestic” comes to my mind.

Day 2
There is an overwhelming amount of places to look at and experience to be had around the Red Mountain Area but our heart was set on seeing Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Even though it was 3 hours away, we decided to go for it. In a 3 hour drive, we experienced various types of terrains and trees. America is truly an amazing country and is just so BIG!

Antelope Canyon was jaw dropping. It’s a canyon below the ground level. It is exquisite and every corner looked like an art piece. This is a Navajo reservation area and you need a guide to walk through it. Our Navajo guide, Cruz took us down w/ ten other people properly equipped with cameras. Below, the canyon is a bit crowded with people hogging up shots, but our guide was an expert at moving people along while he was taking great photos for them. He knew all the nooks to get the best photo and more settings on my canon than I knew myself.

After Antelope Canyon, we drove 7 miles down to Horse Shoe Bend. It is a 15 min hike from the parking lot to the U shaped hole w/ emerald green water. We broke out our sandwiches and had the best meal while awing over the site. On the way back, we had a deep gratitude and thankful that we had each other and means to experience what we saw today. We truly felt lucky.

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